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Easy Holey Top

Hi sewing sisters :) I like the idea that the top with shoulder holes has been reinvented:) they still hide the arms but show our lovely shoulders! Here is an easy way to make one. From your stash 😏 find a lightweight cotton, voile or chiffon. It will need to be approximately (depending on your size & height) 150cm x 80cm fold in half then in half again (opposite direction) you well have a double fold top and side. On the to side cut a back neck scoop, then 7cm further along cut another scoop for the armholes as per pic. Open out and choose which side is the front and scoop out lower. Check armholes are how you like them and the length is good. With your trusty overlocker set up rolled hem with fine needles. Off you go roll hemming all edges (very relaxing!) Fold so top is facing upwards ready to sew straight stitches either side. Measure those hips!! Halve the measurement (we wish) add about 2cm so not too tight, centre the tape measure and mark lines with pins allowing about 25-30cm at the top for the armholes and about 10-20cm at the bottom to leave open for comfort. Straight stitch with a fine needle on your sewing machine You are done!! :):) Make sure to use fine needles like a schmetz microtex or uni 10 Ball point needles will pull at the fabric. Janome overlockers use the same needles as sewing machines. There are lots of lovely fabrics on our website if you would like to make this top or add to your stash! These tops are great for travelling you can dress up or down. Happy sewing. Remember some of those rules to buy more fabric- It calms the nerves and is less expensive than psychiatric care:) Because it is on Sale, & Because you are worth it! :):)

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