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Quick Shrug

Easy easy 😏

This shrug could be made out of any soft stretch jersey or knit or a silk chiffon or rayon.

Basic measurements will fit most but to adjust you could make it shorter or longer.

1 piece 2mts x.5mt or 2 pieces 1mt x .5mt

Join .5 seam/seams

Roll hem or turn under all edges test to see what looks nicest or what you are comfortable with. 

You will have a circle with a diameter of 2mts.

Then fold lengthways and place seam/s in the centre. On 1 side allow an opening either end approximately 25cm for armholes. Then join between these openings with a straight stitch

if you used 1 piece there will be just 1 seam running vertical 2 pieces the seam will go all the way down the back.

Voila a shrug you can wear traveling, shopping, to the movies, dress it up or down.

Happy Sewing 😏😀

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