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The Quillow

Fun project quick and easy Using polar fleece for the Quilt and polar or cotton for the pillow.

Using 150w polar purchase 1.5mts for a good size square to make the cushion nice and plump. If you use a larger square for the cushion piece you make like to use more.

The cushion is approx 40cm square, you will need to make it double sided so when it is inverted it looks nice it can be just plain like the aqua one in the pic. I then stitched the cushion on 3 sides in the centre of the the bottom side , when opened out it is a great spot to put your tootsies!

The Royal one is with a cotton panel Hoppy's Road trip great gift for the kids for camping or in the caravan. The aqua quillow I did a printable fabric with a pic of the kids and their dog :)

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