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Lace Pattern

Lace & Sheer Fabrics

At different times we have stretch lace fabric, vintage lace fabric, bridal lace fabric,

 cotton and guipure lace fabric. 

Our range of sheer fabrics include printed chiffon fabric, muslin cheesecloth fabric, cotton voile fabric, organza fabric, semi sheer poly fabric and petticoat and stretch mesh fabric.

    Why choose a lace fabric or a sheer fabric?

    Lace fabric gives your sewing project a classic, elegant feel. Lace fabric and sheer fabric are lightweight and transparent. 

    What can I use lace fabric and sheer fabric for?

    Lace fabric and sheer fabric can be used for bridal wear, evening wear and for decorative overlays and trims. 

    How to care for lace fabric and sheer fabric?

    Always hand wash lace fabric and sheer fabric in cold water.

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