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Easy chiffon top

This nice and easy chiffon top (you could use any other soft and flowy fabric including stretch)

I used 1.6mts of any width from 115cm depending on how wide you want it to be. This was a free size for sizes 10-16

Then fold the 1.6 in half making the top 80cm long

This can vary per person depending on what length you want or how tall you are)

Then cut a strip off the side (for neckline, if 150cm wide you may want to make it narrower) bringing the width back to 90cm (again this will vary depending on your size)

In the center of the fold at the top cut a neckline and cut slightly lower for the front (enough to fit over your head easily)

From there I rolled hemmed all edges including neckline and strip. Join sides with a straight stitch leaving approx 30cm from shoulder for armhole.

Centre strip at back of neckline and sew onto neckline to the centre front where each side will meet. Voila done Happy Sewing j

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