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Janome M8 Continental Professional

Janome M8 Continental Professional

$10,999.00 Regular Price
$9,999.00Sale Price

Massive work space 343mm (13.5″)

ASR- Accurate Stitch Regulator for consistant free motion stitching!

Over $500 Feet & Accs Included + Acuspark App

Scissors + Box 25 Genuine Janome Bobbins

FREE Instore Lesson 

Shipping by Registered Aust Post to be signed for - Or FREE Pick-up Instore

JANOME GOLD COAST Experienced After sales service included


The Continental M8 Professional is the third model in the Janome range to feature A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator.

There are 4 A.S.R. feet supplied with the machine – Open-toe, Closed-toe, Clear-view and Ruler work.

Use the A.S.R. Ruler Work foot with Janome’s Ruler Work Kit (6 templates) to give a professional finish to your quilted projects.

The work-area is the biggest on any Janome sewing machine at 13.5″ | 343mm.

Lighting is always a consideration, the CM8P offers bright LED lighting in 4 locations including above the needle area.

The large flat colour touch screen at 7″ is easy to navigate. With 450 built-in stitches grouped in their stitch families, the right stitch is easy to locate. Customise each stitch including buttonholes then save them as a favourite stitch. Sewing Applications is better than an instruction book, let the machine do it for you, select the technique, select the stitch, the machine sets the stitch settings, attach the right foot then sew. Quilters and designers will appreciate the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, the Automatic Presser Foot Lift and the Electronic Automatic Tension Control. To personalize your sewing, you can create your own stitches using the Stitch Composer Software (windows only) supplied as a download to machine owners. It’s the little things that make the difference, press a button on screen to automatically lift the needle plate (no screws), thumb wheel above the needle area lets the user lower the needle for perfect placement, stitch width and length manual dials, new design needle threader, extra wide table including a drawer for accessories and 26 feet supplied with the machine. The Janome AcuSpark2 App is like a digital instruction book with information on feet, stitches & techniques plus How-to-videos are included. Use the QR reader in the App to scan the QR code on the machine screen for more information. Available FREE from the App Store or Google Play.

1 Zigzag Foot A (on machine) 31 ZigZag Needle Plate 9mm (on machine) 2 Rolled Hem Foot (3mm) D 32 Straight Stitch Needle Plate 3 Zipper Foot E 33 Professional Grade Needle Plate HP 4CONCEAL® Zipper Foot Z 34 Janome Plastic Bobbins x 5 (1 in machine) 5 Satin Stitch Foot F 35 Needle Set 6 Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2 36 Thread Net x 2 7 Blind Hemming Foot G 37 Screwdriver (large) 8 Professional Grade Foot HP 38 Lint Brush (small) 9 Quilting Bar L 39 Seam Ripper (buttonhole opener) 10 Overcasting Foot M 40 Spool Holder (large) x 2 (1 on machine) 11 1/4˝ Seam Foot O 41 Spool Holder (small) x 2 12 1/4˝ Seam Foot O (without guide) 42 Spool Holder (special) x 2 13 Darning Foot PD-H 43 Spool Rest x 2 (internal holder for large thread spools) 14 Open-toe Darning Foot PD-H 44 Button Shank Plate 15 Free Motion Quilting Closed-toe Foot QC 45 Touch Panel Stylus 16 Free Motion Quilting Open-toe Foot QO 46 Cloth Guide (adjustable) 17 Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot QV 47 Foot Control (large style) + base plate 18 Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot QZ 48 Remote Thread Cutter 19 Ruler Work Foot QR 49 Adjustable Knee Lift 20 A.S.R. USB Cable for Stitch Regulator 50 A.S.R. Accessory Case (Janome branded) 21 ASR-QC Closed-toe Foot 51 Accessory Box (resin) (Janome branded) 22 ASR-QO Open-toe Foot 52 Threading Guide Sticker 23 ASR-QV Clear-view Foot 53 Power Cable 24 ASR-QR Ruler Work Foot 54 Foot Control (large) 25 Automatic Buttonhole Foot R 55 Instruction Book 26 Stabilizer Plate for B/hole Ft 56 Instructional Video (Download) 27 Button Sewing Foot T 57 PC Applications Software (Download-Windows only) 28 AcuFeed Dual Holder (twin) 58 Semi-Hard Fabric Machine Cover 29 AcuFeed Foot AD (twin) 59 Extra Wide Table folding legs and drawer in


You take your sewing passion seriously. You deserve a machine that delivers professional results. The Continental M8 PROFESSIONAL has everything you need for Hi-Definition Quilting and Hi-Definition Sewing. The A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator with exclusive Ruler Work Foot ensures that every quilting stitch you make is perfect, while the professional grade HP Needle Plate and HP2 AcuFeed options allow you to piece with precise 1/4" seams.


Standard A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator System with Exclusive Ruler Work Foot

AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System

HP2 Foot and Needle Plate


Convenient Thumb Wheel for precise needle placement

Re-engineered head for best line-of-sight to the needle

AcuSpark2 app with instructions, lessons, and stitch setting recommendations

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    Freight Australia wide includes Insurance for machine value

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